Thesis title

Normandy in the Atlantic Economy during the Eighteenth Century. Trade, crises and production

After getting a Master’s Degree in Medieval and Modern History, I started my PhD in 2015 at the University of Caen-Normandy. My thesis contributes to the literature on the long-term development and consequences of various shocks on a regional economy. I have built several datasets on food riots, trade, industries, wages and prices. I have also been investigating the effects of the Eden-Treaty on the process of industrialization. In addition, I am contributing to the literature on the origins of the French Revolution and the debate on its economic consequences.

I am also a data enthusiast and a map creator addict. You can see some examples of my work here. During the first years of my PhD, I developed, alongside the digital cluster of the University of Caen-Normandy, using xml format, a database on food riots during the Eighteenth century, which will be available soon. I am currently looking for collaboration to extend its historical content and create a European database on social conflicts during the early modern period.

During my visiting at the University of Chicago, under the supervision of Paul Cheney, I started in parallel to my dissertation a work on colonial history during the 18th century using archival documents and archeological data. I wrote an article on log books of Norman slave ships and with a cluster of archeologists and historians, I am working on a paper on the “auxiliary industries” of the Atlantic Trade. I am also very interested in the food provisions of the colonies.

Besides this, I started a project two years ago with Cédric Chambru focusing on wages and living standards in Normandy from the end of the Middle Ages to the 18th century. Together, we have built a new database on wages and prices to contribute to the debate on the Great Divergence in Europe by documenting the French case. We have also collected a new dataset for a demographic study.

Since September 2018, I have been working at the University of Geneva as a teaching assistant in economic history for Bachelors students.

In the spring 2020, I published in collaboration with Claude Dupuy (Professor at the University of Bordeaux) a Digital Atlas on the French soldiers of the Second World War. All the files are in Creative Commons, feel free to use and share them !

Research Interest

• Modern History • Wages and Living Standards • European Economic History
• Global History • Agricultural History • Slave Trade
• Political Economy  • Modern Archeology • Colonial History
• Rural History • Geography and Cartography • Digital Studies


Jean-Marc Moriceau
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Michel Biard
Professor of Modern History 
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Paul Cheney
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